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Solar Eclipse Activation - USD$25


Join The Venus Twins and Farrah Weir on an alchemical journey of activation and access within self, outside of self and the ALL that is zero point .

We are teaming up ( 3 ladies) to take you through an activation and access point of the grand central sun and trinity within self.

Now is such a potent time to harness the incredible solar event that occurred on April 8 2024…… helping one crystallize light frequency into your holographic field and in doing so taking a cosmic bath in this incredible photonic light band . This light band healing energy is available to you on an ongoing basis when you watch this recording as many times as you like! 

This recording transcends time and space so you will feel the energy of the Eclipse portal plasma rays in this NOW moment.

We are so excited to be offering this magical unity of the sacred trinity in bringing forward channelled teachings, raising your awareness through these teachings and activating the individual codes within you. 

We take you through a deep guided activation from the grand central sun. Light Language ( coded frequency activation) deep insights, joy and all things beautiful. The I AM ,(GOD, Source)  Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit , Archangels and Angels on High also work through the ladies in this healing activation. 

Access this Powerful recording of April 8 2024 Eclipse and harness the ongoing energies of this amazing Solar Eclipse Cosmic Event.

God Bless ! 

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